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The Archway Learning Trust school improvement strategy aims to create a self-sustaining school led system where we develop our collective expertise to enable continual school improvement, through collaboration, support and challenge. The School Improvement Strategy identifies how we will work with individual schools and the collective group of schools within the Trust.  It aims to provide clarity around the expectations, values, roles and responsibilities and ways of working, which we adopt, in order that all children can achieve their maximum potential.

At the heart of our school improvement strategy is a commitment to working in partnership with all our schools, and in supporting all schools in being self-improving, committed to achieving a school-led system in order to promote and secure:

  • At least good levels of achievement for all children with many children achieving outstanding outcomes
  • High quality teaching
  • Effective leadership and governance in all schools
  • Access to high quality professional development for staff to build continual improvement and developing a workforce in line with future succession planning needs and talent management policies
  • Opportunities for the identification and dissemination of effective practice and engagement in research and development opportunities including teacher inquiry
  • High quality ITT training in order to enabled a highly skilled supply of future teachers and leaders
  • Safe schools with fair access
  • Affordability and value for money

General Principles

All schools within the Trust subscribe to the following principles as important in promoting positive and appropriate learning experiences for all children:

When carrying out its school improvement role Archway will:

  • Be mindful of the schools’ autonomy by valuing their self-evaluation and other evaluations
  • Create, maintain and foster strong relationships between member schools and the Trust
  • Promote a school led system as the principle driver for sustainable school improvement, for sharing good practice and being held to account
  • Create equality of opportunity across the Trust as a whole. Aiming to eliminate discrimination through fostering good relationships
  • Intervene at the earliest opportunity and commission bespoke support to prevent schools becoming a cause for concern
  • Encourage a genuine sense of shared responsibility with children, parents and other stakeholder in relation to behaviour for learning and attendance
  • Take into account the myriad of factors that impact on pupil progress and attainment across all phases
  • Promote effective partnership and collaboration, to identify, share and develop best practice
  • Support schools in their provision for vulnerable learners within the school setting and beyond

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