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December 2019

I am incredibly excited and proud to announce that on Friday 13th December, Bluecoat Wollaton was officially designated the status of ‘World Class’.  World Class Schools Quality Mark is a UK charity that awards a quality mark to non-selective state schools that offer the best education to young people in the UK.  Unlike other national assessment bodies, it assesses the students and not the school, against a framework of skills and competencies young people need to flourish in an emerging global economy.  Through unique real-life work experiences, access to a lifelong peer support network and cultural opportunities that take them beyond their local community, world class students gain the confidence to overcome socio-economic barriers to recognise and achieve their potential.

World Class status can only be achieved by schools which are already deemed by Ofsted to be ‘outstanding,’ and pass the Key Stage 4 progress data test.  The award is for students, not the school, through a self-audit and assessment centre process.  The World Class Schools group believe in the importance of developing the ‘whole student’ and their students are World Class whatever their background or context. There are only 60 schools in total with this status currently with plans to increase this to 80. You can find out more on their website:

During the assessment day, the assessor commented on:

  • “students’ genuine passion for causes”
  • How the school’s “investment in student leadership has led to them to being involved properly in, and understanding, the development of the school”.
  • How the Wollaton vision matches the reality and results in impact: “all the students could explain what believing in themselves really meant, and give specific examples of how it had resulted in improving their achievement”.
  • “That no opportunity for learning is missed”.

The assessor’s final quotation was:  “I think Bluecoat Wollaton is somewhere exceptional, and I see a lot of schools.”   During the final assessment day Bluecoat Wollaton was awarded the winning team on the day our Head Boy was singled out as in the top three performers of the day.

The award ceremony took place at Cambridge University on Friday 13th December.  The ceremony involved visiting a number of Cambridge colleges, punting on the river Cam and a tour of the university and its library by an ex-Wollaton student.

To read more about the bid for World Class status that the students at Wollaton put together follow the link: 

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