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May 2020

May is normally a time when schools become places of hushed expectation.  Long lines of young people file silently into exam halls and the staff hold their breath, cross their fingers and wish good luck to children who they have nurtured and grown for 5 or even 7 years.

This year is different.  All the Centre Assessed Grades are in and we have sent them off to exam boards.  The debate will now begin about this approach to assessing young people, the moderation process and whether we should be open or not and tell our students what as a school we believe they could achieve.

As a Trust I believe we have made decisions around CEGs with robustness and integrity.  They have been internally moderated, based on quality evidence and carefully collated. If this is the case then surely we should be confident when the time comes to be able to share this data with our students.  Maybe this is even more necessary if the data we hold does not tally with that of a nationally generated moderation exercise.

We know our students and we know that they are much more than the end product of a statistical exercise.  I feel that it is more important than ever to tell them how valued they are, how much we care about them and their future success and how we are prepared to support them going forwards.

If Covid has taught us one thing it is that we are stronger together.  That being alone and isolated is not conducive to a happy and healthy life style.  When August comes and we have our virtual results day I hope we will manage a message of celebration, hope and unity to support our young people in knowing that we care about them and value them way beyond a GCSE or A level grade and no matter what those grades turn out to be this year we have high expectations and ambitions for them for the future.

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