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September 2018

It is always a shock coming back to school in September.  The excitement of exam results combined with plans for the new Academic Year as well as getting to know new students, remembering routines and remembering where everything is, all comes together in a perfect storm to make you feel as if the summer holidays are a distant memory and possibly had happened to somebody else.  Despite all of this, the sense of new beginnings and with it new opportunities is palpable.  The sight of hundreds of new students in shiny new shoes and brand new blazers, full of expectation, never fails to make me appreciate once again what an honour it is to be an educator.

Every year we get the opportunity to be involved in the lives of the young people we serve.  Every year we watch the transformation of young people as they start to realise just how amazing they are and just what potential lies ahead of them.  Some of them arrive angry and frustrated, ready to battle every lesson and every member of staff, whilst others arrive giddy with excitement and anticipation of all that the ‘big school’ has to offer.

It is incumbent on us all to remember just what a privilege it is to work alongside the wonderful students in our schools.  Equally every year I am taken aback by the commitment and capacity for hard work and sense of ‘going above and beyond’ that which can reasonably be expected, that is the hall mark of so many of our staff.  Yes, the nights are getting darker and longer, yes the problems with funding continue, yes students get grumpy (and sometimes staff do too). However, we are all on the most incredible journey of growth and development and at the end of this year, month, day; there will be a child in our school who is encouraged, supported, more confident and overall happier thanks to the effort of all those at Archway who work tirelessly to better the lives and educational journeys of our young people.

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