Sports Hall Development Project

Sports Hall Development Project


Archway Learning Trust is a vibrant learning community where students are cared for receive a high quality education and experience every opportunity to be successful, and we are committed to giving every child the very best start we can. We offer outstanding teaching and learning and want to ensure our buildings are of an exceptional standard to support this.  Bluecoat Wollaton Academy is an ‘outstanding’ Academy within the Trust, and despite improvements carried out under the BSF programme in 2012/2013, the current facilities no longer meet the needs of the curriculum or enhance the experience of students attending the school.

Project Scope

Bluecoat Wollaton Academy’s sports hall and changing rooms date back to when the school initially called Margaret Glenn Bott Secondary school. The school then reopened in the early 2000’s becoming Bluecoat Wollaton Academy. Sporting facilities received a minor refurbishment under the BSF programme at the school in 2012 as part of a wider refurbishment programme across the site. The site consist of a mixture of building types including circa 1950’s concrete and a recent steel framed construction. The current sports facilities no longer meets the needs of the curriculum or enhances the experience of students attending the Academy. Lungfish Architects and then latterly LK2 have assisted with the development of a feasibility study exploring the expansion of the provision on site.

We are looking to engage the services of a consultant to review the feasibility studies and cost options carried out to date, and to lead us through the various stages from schematic design, planning submission and approval to design development, tender preparation, evaluation, contract award and administration. We are looking for a consultant to assume overall responsibility for the management and coordination of all development aspects of the project during design, documentation, and construction and through to post occupancy evaluation. In addition to this, we are keen to explore grant funding opportunities that may exist and are looking for a consultant to support our project in assessing and advising the Trust in fundraising for the this project.

  • Draft proposal of multi court options presented to Archway Learning Trust.
  • Revisited the assumptions made under Lungfish architects for proposed locations for any future development of the site.
  • A Ground condition survey has been initiated on the proposed area of development of the top car park, on site.
  • Quantity surveyor assessment of the project has been conducted.

As a Trust, we are looking for a partner to take us through the project to completion.  To achieve this we are open to tender for companies that would be interested in undertaking this venture with the Trust.

Summary of Needs

Archway Learning Trust is looking for consultants to respond to our Project Scope by:

  1. Providing a Proposal that responds to our Summary of Needs.
  2. Present your Proposal to Archway Learning Trust along with your summary costs.

Based upon the work already provided to the Trust, the board has decided upon a three-court structure with changing rooms attached. However, given the current national construction environment we are keen to understand and explore whether this project could return considerably more in terms of size of building, as opposed to what was initially discussed at the outset of the feasibility.

Opportunity for site visits are available via our Operations Business Partner, Paul Straw either on: or via telephone: 0115 929 7445.  We would then like to meet with your teams in November as per the outline dates below to give you the opportunity to present to stakeholders within the Trust over the following considerations:

We are expecting your proposal to address the following points:

  • An assessment of feasibility completed to date using appendices below.
  • Address your approach to the various stages of the project, including:
        • Feasibility and development aspirations a new build sports hall situated on the over flow car park, concept of a three court badminton hall with changing rooms, and the potential option to extend in the future,
        • Understanding the Sport & Leisure, Commercial and Academic needs of the school,
        • Schematic design,
        • Preparation and submission of planning approval,
        • Project programme of key milestone dates,
        • Procurement method and recommendations for appropriate project delivery methodology,
        • Design development,
        • Cost plan (to include life cycle costs) and especially cost efficiencies & sustainability of proposed sports & community provision,
        • Development of documents suitable for tendering and tender evaluation, award and contract administration, as well as subsequent construction. Assist with the appointment of a principal contractor to join the project following successful planning exercise,
        • We would like you to address how you would assume overall responsibility and project management of all development aspects of the project during the design, documentation, construction, equipping and commissioning stages.
  • Relating specifically to surveys we are looking for the following to support the planning application:
        • Understanding of access for community use and enhancing the student experience
        • Taking into consideration the wider options available to the School to enhance the community offer by developing and offering out a three court badminton sized sports hall, both school enrichment (as part of a wider school / club community use agreement) and for greater community and sports club usage.
  • Specifically relating to a Full Planning Application we expect suppliers to have:
        • Consideration of Local Planning Authority approach and policy.
  • Prepare and submit bids for funding support to the project whilst delivering the project to our April 2022 deadline:
        • Analysis of local sports and cultural need to develop best strategic fit of project into local facilities infrastructure,
        • Review of Sport England Planning Policy Guidance – Initial justification / commentary for the sports provision within the context of the overall proposed scheme,
        • Consider what new funding opportunities may be available, in the first instance but not exclusively through National Governing Bodies,
        • Review of any potential conditions or restraints with any potential sources of grant funding (covenants etc.),
        • Analysis of arts, culture and community grant aid and investment opportunities,
        • Analysis of grant aid (traditional, commercial reality, investment opportunities).
  • Assessment of any risks to complete the project by April 2022.

Where you seek further calcification in respect of this project, please initially contact either Nathan Jeremiah, Operations Director ( or Angela Labbate, Head of Resources (

Proposal Evaluation

Presentations and proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Evaluation Criteria


The timing for responses is as follows:

  • Project release: Fri 13 Nov 20
  • Consultant confirmation of intention to tender: Wed 18 Nov 20
  • Proposal return deadline: Fri 20 Nov 20
  • Project presentation day: Mon 23 Nov 20
  • Award of project consultant contract: Fri 04 Dec 20

Return Details

Please return your Project Proposals with the subject ‘Bluecoat Wollaton Sports Hall Project’ by the date stated above to:


Address: FAO: Paul Straw, Archway Learning Trust, Aspley Lane, NG8 5GY

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