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Archway Learning Trust launches crowdfunding appeal to buy laptops for students struggling to access online learning

The Archway Learning Trust has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help purchase laptops for students struggling to access remote learning during the latest lockdown.

The Trust, which educates over 25% of secondary school students in Nottingham, has once again had to move its learning provision online, however with 38% of Trust students in receipt of Free School Meals, many families are struggling to provide adequate technology to support remote learning and an additional 500 laptops are still needed to help these students, at a cost of £300 each.

Without access to online learning, these students risk falling behind their peers through no fault of their own. The Trust is therefore appealing to the local community to help raise funds to purchase urgently needed laptops, so students can access remote learning and minimise further disruption to their education.

Sian Hampton, Archway Learning Trust CEO said:

“During the pandemic staff have worked hard to make sure that no child is left behind and that everyone has the opportunity to learn no matter whether schools or open or not. Sadly some students have no device to work on at home.  The Department of Education have provided some laptops and we are grateful for these but this does not take into account all children who don’t have a device including those whose circumstances might have changed since the last lockdown due to furlough ending or redundancy.

We want all our young people to be able to make the same progress and receive the same support.  We don’t think it is appropriate that they are left behind due to not having a lap top.  Not having a device means no on line learning, limited progress and additional anxiety.  We want to fulfil our mission statement ‘working together, transforming lives’ and without the right equipment our children simply be as successful as we want them to be.”

Click here to donate to the Archway Trust Laptops for Home Learning Crowdfunding appeal.

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