Trust Board Committees

The Board of Trustees delegates certain functions to its committees. The membership of these committees is drawn from the Board of Trustees, Academy Advisory Boards and Trust executives. Trustee and AAB member attendance information is shown below.

Audit, Finance & General Purposes Committee

NameAttendance 2018/2019Attendance 2019/2020
Sian Hampton (Trustee & CEO)5/50/0
Jenny Hempstead (BAA AAB member) - resigned 9 September 20194/5n/a
Sameedha Rich-Mahadkar (Trustee)n/a0/0
Nigel Spraggins (Trustee) - resigned 10 May 20192/2n/a
Stuart Stanyard (Trustee)1/10/0
Alison Taylor (Trustee & Committee Chair)5/50/0
Karen Wyer (Trustee)4/40/0

Curriculum & Standards Committee

NameAttendance 2018/2019Attendance 2019/2020
Sian Hampton (Trustee & CEO)2/21/1
Declan McCauley (Trustee)n/a1/1
Dr Jane Moore (Trustee) - resigned 30 June 20192/2n/a
Tracy Rees (Trustee and Committee Chair)2/21/1
Dr Chris Rolph (Trustee)n/a1/1
Paul Sykes (Trustee)2/20/1
Malcolm Trobe CBE (Trustee)n/a0/1

Policy Committee

NameAttendance 2018/2019Attendance 2019/2020
Anthony Darby (Trustee)n/a0/0
Sian Hampton (Trustee & CEO)5/50/0
Revd Peter Jones (BAA AAB member)5/50/0
Margaret Oldroyd (Trustee)3/50/0
Paul Sykes (Trustee and Committee Chair)5/50/0

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