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Primary Offer

In 2015, Archway built on its success as a well-established and high performing multi academy trust to open its first 420 place primary academy, nursery and Focus Provision. Since then, our primary element of the trust has grown from strength to strength and built a strong reputation for innovation and inclusion. 

We are clear that we exist to ‘work together’ and ‘transform lives’ and put children and staff first in our efforts, and this is reflected here in our Primary Education Offer

Some of the reasons for our success to date are because we are clear that:

  • Schools will maintain their own identity.
  • Collaboration is the key to maintaining a successful partnership.
  • All schools will have the opportunity to determine the direction of the trust.
  • There is a balance between autonomy and standardisation within the trust for each school. 

Our Primary offer is both broad and deep; there are a host of services and expertise to call upon for whatever needs a school has.

Educational Excellence

At Archway, we have an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of teaching and learning and keep this at the heart of all that we do. 

We do not believe sustainable school improvement is about a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach; our role is to help enable progress through providing additional capacity to support school leaders in implementing their improvement strategy. 

By working alongside schools, we can help support any areas that require improvement whilst identifying key strengths that could be shared across our Trust and primary networks. 

    • Regular contact with the CEO, Regional Director, Headteachers and Primary Improvement Advisor to share, plan and improve Trust wide and school working. 
    • Preparation for Ofsted and SIAMs Inspections 
    • Specialist Trust Leads for key areas. We can offer a range of bespoke support in line with the school’s improvement plan. 
    • Curriculum sharing across the Trust and collaboration opportunities for subjects and subject experts.
    • A Trust Central Assessment & Data Team ensure that assessment and feedback is meaningful and schools can learn from and share best practice. 
    • Support to coordinate and direct local governance at school level.
    • Access to our own Primary SCITT programme 
    • Access to our National Leaders of Education, Local Leader of Education, Specialist Leaders of Education and Evidence Leaders in Education. 
    • A superior Year 6 transition package 
    • Connections and networks both within Archway, across schools and beyond the trust.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive academy trust and have a strong reputation for supporting children with additional needs. In shared working and pooling of efforts and expertise, we have been able to support schools in helping to transform lives. 

  • A well-established primary specific pathway for SEN and behaviour. Schools joining Archway are free to adopt or adapt this system to suit their individual context. 
  • A wealth of SEN knowledge and expertise across the trust, including a primary school with specialist Focus Provision unit for autism.
  • Strong links with the Local Authority SEN teams.
  • A Trust Lead for Safeguarding who is also an ADSL for Nottingham City. 
  • A Lead for Inclusion and Behaviour. 
  • Primary expertise in curriculum design to ensure your curriculum is engaging and accessible to all children.
  • High quality training of staff delivered by our Trust leads. 
  • Our own alternative provision programmes.

Investing in Staff

At Archway we ensure that all staff are involved in a continuing process of improvement and given every opportunity to grow and thrive professionally. 

  • Autonomy to design a bespoke ‘in-house’ CPL programme based on your academy improvement plans with support available from our Primary Improvement Advisor and teaching and learning leads.
  • Primary specific CPL programmes which schools can adopt or adapt to suit their needs.
  • Connections and networks both within Archway, across schools and beyond the trust
  • Our networks include: subject specialists; pastoral leads; and expertise in areas such as safeguarding, SEN and behaviour. These networks bring together the best evidence, ideas and practice in order to develop staff expertise, knowledge and reduce workload. 
  • Our Teaching Institute is a Trust-wide CPL offer that has personalised programmes for training at every level 
  • Experienced NQT mentors with a programme fully aligned to the Early Careers Framework.
  • We operate a large range of NPQs (as well as other qualifications) in the Trust so that staff can work toward these with their peers. 
  • Support and systems for effective staff appraisal.

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