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Archway Learning Trust’s statement on the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It was with enormous sadness we learnt yesterday of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.  We express our deepest sympathies to the Royal Family at this time of grief.  Many commentators have talked of the Queen’s enormous dedication and service to the country and beyond.  As a Trust we pay tribute to this life of service and join with others in thanking her for everything she has achieved for us all.

Archway Learning Trust will observe the mourning period and continue to support our students, families and staff.  Our schools will be keeping our young people informed of news about these events as part of Acts of Worship, assemblies and class activities.

As President Biden noted the Queen was “a stateswoman of unmatched dignity and constancy” who had “endured the dangers and deprivations of a world war alongside the British people and rallied them during the devastation of a global pandemic to look to better days ahead”.

We continue to lift up all those most affected by this event in our thoughts and prayers.

Sian Hampton
CEO, Archway Learning Trust

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