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Archway Students Lead Church of England Education Conference

We were very proud to see some of our Archway students lead the Church of England’s sixth National Education Conference recently.

Students from Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, Bluecoat Aspley Academy and The Nottingham Emmanuel School hosted the event, led prayers and provided music in the form of a worship band.

The event saw more than 600 delegates gather at Hackney Church, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, students, headteachers, faith leaders, diocesan education leaders and more.

Victoria Mullen, Chaplain at Archway Learning Trust, said: “We were honoured that our students were given the opportunity to be the voice of the nation’s youth at the Church of England National Conference for Education.

“Their passion for change was inspiring. Their words, ‘Jesus was an activist, so we will be activists. Jesus was a change-maker, so we will be change-makers’ echoed through Hackney Church.

“Students bravely and boldly missioned delegates to address racism in education, to be courageously inclusive, to engage in formational discipleship and to step into intercessory prayer for a generation who are hungry for change.

“We are so very proud of our students and inspired by their words and passion, ‘We are young, we are Christian and we thank you for giving us a voice’.”

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