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Bluecoat Wollaton Academy is selected as an Attendance Hub

We’re proud to announce that Bluecoat Wollaton Academy has been selected as a new national Attendance Hub by the Government, one of only 32 across the country.

The academy is one of 18 new Attendance Hubs announced by the Department for Education this week, as part of an expansion of the scheme aiming to drive down absence rates which remain high after Covid. The hubs will provide support to 2,000 schools with Bluecoat Wollaton working with 60 of them.

Attendance Hubs are run by schools with excellent attendance so they can share practical ideas with other schools who need help to boost their attendance.

From direct pupil engagement initiatives like breakfast clubs and extracurricular activities, to improving their processes and analysis of attendance data, lead hub schools provide a range of support to schools which they can tailor to their pupils and families.

Principal at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, Mr Rowson, said: “All our staff and students are proud to be recognised nationally and to share the strategies that have created our culture of high attendance. We’re looking forward to working with and learning from other Hub schools, whilst supporting schools and helping them serve their communities.”

Deputy Chief Executive of Archway Learning Trust, Mr Anderson, said: “Attendance continues to be a national priority and being a part of helping over a million children nationally is a real privilege for Bluecoat Wollaton and all of Archway Learning Trust.

“Attendance Hubs will give school leaders real opportunities to come together and learn from others, share best practice and engage in actions that will drive up attendance in schools. We are thrilled to help showcase that culture here that has driven high attendance.

“We want to support all schools to help serve their communities and hope to work with those within Nottingham too so that we can help to ensure that all pupils receive a high-quality education and are not left behind.”

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