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Autumn 1 (1) 2021

It has finally happened.  Bluecoat Trent is now officially an Academy and open.  After what feels like many years of planning just to get to the free school approval stage in June 2019, it is a wonderful moment knowing that our new Academy is finally doing what it was designed for; educating young people.

I am delighted to say that the Academy is already full in Year 7 and has a waiting list.  Parents and students have enthusiastically engaged with this the latest school in our Bluecoat and Archway family and we are thrilled to be able to start such an exciting journey with them.

Based on the four key values of citizenship, aspiration, respect and excellence all young people will access a full range of opportunities in this wonderful new school.  The information below provides a flavour of what this new academy stands for.

Bluecoat Trent students will be actively engaged in helping their communities and strive to make a positive difference to others.  They will be empowered to make global connections and have meaningful opportunities to lead and develop their character.

Students will be imaginative and hopeful about their futures. They will be able to demonstrate resilience when things go wrong or when facing a new challenge. No matter what their starting points Bluecoat Trent students will always try their best and achieve their potential.

Bluecoat Trent will be fully inclusive; we will welcome all and treat others as an individual of inherent worth. Our learners will be able to develop positive relationships and collaborate effectively. Bluecoat Trent students will represent their school with pride; celebrating the successes of themselves and their peers.

Learners will strive for success in everything they do. They will derive joy from seeking knowledge, acquiring new skills and be innovative in their approach to learning. Bluecoat Trent students will be excited about exploring new experiences and be committed to discovering and honing their talents both within and beyond academia.

Huge congratulations to the new Principal, Claire McManus and her team for all their work in preparing for this special moment and we wish them well as they build, what I know, will be a wonderful place of learning and nurture.

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