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Spring 2 2018

What an honour and privilege to be able to host the Secretary of State for Education’s visit to Nottingham last Thursday. The Right Honourable Damian Hinds MP visited Bluecoat Aspley Academy, as part of a number of events being hosted by the Trust on that day. The visit included a tour of the Academy showcasing the Sixth Form Centre, a Year 7 phonics lesson, the Student Support Base and Art lessons. Sir David Carter, National School Commissioner was accompanying the Secretary of State and as you will have seen from his tweet was incredibly impressed by our Bluecoat Aspley Academy and its inclusive approach to students.

Click here to see Sir David Carter tweeting during his visit.

Archway Learning Trust’s impressive record on reducing permanent exclusions was a contributory factor in its selection to host Sir David and the Secretary of State. Even in our most challenging Academies we do not permanently exclude students because we know the impact this will have on their lives. The Secretary of State was shown around the Student Support Base by two students who have both been very near to permanent exclusion during their time at the Trust. One of these two students is now in the Sixth Form Centre and applying for university, the other is about to take a full set of GCSEs this summer- a record of which we are rightly proud.

John Edwards, the Regional Schools Commissioner, who visited the Trust in February spoke warmly about our inclusive approach and was keen for others to see what we have achieved. The CEOs from a number of other Trusts also visited Bluecoat Aspley Academy in the afternoon and the last part of the day was dedicated to the Head Teacher Board meeting, chaired by John with Sir David and the Secretary of State in attendance.

An amazing day for all of our students and staff! This was a real opportunity to celebrate the commitment of all those within Archway who work so hard to believe and trust in the amazing potential of the young people we serve.

Written: March 2018

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