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Summer 1 2019

It has finally happened! We have got it!  The free school announcement that we have been waiting so long to hear has finally been made.  We received formal notification from the Department of Education on Friday 14th June that our free school application has been approved!  This is great news from two perspectives.  Not only was there an incredible amount of hard work put into the bid by an amazing team of people, but also it means that Archway Learning Trust can reach out and serve another 1,200 students in Nottingham City.  This year the Trust received over 2,500 applications for just over 690 Year 7 places.  With so many young people not able to access an Archway Academy we are delighted to be able to open a new free school with the same inclusive and nurturing ethos as all the other Archway academies building on the expertise and strengths of our other schools.

Bluecoat Trent Academy, an eight form entry academy, will serve all children within the City. We are delighted to be able to support our Local Authority as they try and meet the ‘primary bulge’ as it moves through into the secondary phase.  We are also especially pleased to be working closely with Nottingham Trent University to provide a rich and ambitious curriculum offer for these students.  We believe passionately that every child that passes through Archway Learning Trust should be given access to the highest quality education and the opportunities to achieve their goals and realise their ambitions.  We firmly expect Bluecoat Trent Academy to open its doors to many young people, helping them become the best young people they can be.

Written: May 2019

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