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GCSE Results Day 2022

Well done to all students across Archway Learning Trust’s secondary academies for their GCSE results. Some highlights can be read below.

Alvaston Moor Academy

Click here to watch students from Alvaston Moor Academy on BBC East Midlands Today.

One of the school’s top performing students was Anastasia Kuzina, who said she was “shocked” to open her results with top nine scores in Russian, two Sciences and Maths, plus eights in Geography, French, English Language and a seven for English Literature.

“I’m shocked, I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. “It was hard work that we put into it.”

There were more smiles for Charli Hughes who passed everything despite having been through significant illness during her GCSEs, with the ambulance having to be called on several occasions whilst she was in the exam room. Her mum Natalie said: “I couldn’t be any prouder of her.”

Another student who overcame the odds to achieve great results was Ivan Justin Polyak, who was forced to miss eight months of his GCSE course after leaving the UK for Slovakia and being unable to re-enter the country because of Covid. Ivan Justin said he was “amazed” with his results which included fives for English Language and Literature and a level two distinction in Travel and Tourism.

Talented footballer Leah Broughton, who earlier in the year was picked for Derby County Ladies Football Club, was also very pleased to have passed all her GCSEs and is now going on to study Sport and Exercise Science at Broomfield Hall, part of Derby College. Joining her at Broomfield will be Abi Gibson who will be studying Animal Care, while Abbie Fletcher is heading to sixth form to study Psychology, Biology and Sport.

Mohammed Diakhate said he had enjoyed his GCSEs and was very pleased with an eight and a seven in Science, plus sevens for Maths and English Literature, while Luke Joynes said he was “very relieved” with his results which included two eights and a seven. He is heading to Derby College for his A-Levels.

Principal, Michelle Strong, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the excellent performance of our students in the first set of real exams since 2019. The results are very pleasing and the young people have shown extraordinary resilience and determination throughout the last few years where their education has been disrupted beyond precedent.

“We could not be prouder of their achievements and we congratulate them and wish them the best in their futures. A huge thank you goes to their teachers and parents for the amazing way they have helped all the students during their time here.”


The Long Eaton School

Did you hear students from The Long Eaton School on Gem 106 Radio?

Principal, Rich Peel, said: “I would like to congratulate all of our Year 11 students on their GCSE results. To have achieved the grades they have against the back drop of lock downs, home schooling and a global pandemic is a remarkable achievement, and one for which they should feel very proud.

It is worth noting that prior to Year 11 their last full year of uninterrupted education was in 2018/19 when they were in Year 8.

Staff at the school have worked tirelessly to support our students through this period and I would like to thank them for everything they have done over the last two to allow students to achieve these results.

These outcomes mean that the vast majority of our students can progress on to their first choice of post 16 study, which for may will be our own sixth form. Others will progress on to local colleges in Derby, Nottingham and Loughborough to undertake a variety of courses.

Deeti Wren

On Christmas Eve 2021, Deeti, Year 11 student at The Long Eaton School, was diagnosed with prolactinoma (a tumour on the pituitary gland). Speaking of the moment she was diagnosed, Deeti said it felt “surreal, it just didn’t feel real”. It was the Christmas holiday for schools across the country and while other students were celebrating the festive period and starting to think about returning to school for the Spring Term in January, Deeti was attending medical appointments.

The Long Eaton School worked closely with Deeti and her family to enable her to return to school. While an initial 3 day a week pattern was formed, anxiety made this feel incredibly difficult and getting into the school building was often a challenge. On top of this, Deeti was coping with deaths in the family and other personal circumstances. Mrs Karen Harrowing, Targeted Support Lead at The Long Eaton School, has been supporting Deeti during this time. Deeti described the school as being “amazing, really amazing” at supporting her to get back into school and through her GCSE examinations.

Despite her diagnosis, Deeti achieved an incredible set of GCSE results: Health and Social Care – Distinction; Combined Science – Grade 4 and Grade 4; Geography – Grade 4; Maths – Grade 3; English Language – Grade 4; English Literature – Grade 4; and Art – Grade 6.

She plans to continue her studies at The Long Eaton School Sixth Form to study Psychology and double Health and Social Care.

(Left to right: Jake Winfield, Brian Puvirajasinghe, Joshua Swain, Rishan Mason, Arthur Kinrade, William Wainright, Matthew Millward, Jim Marlow)

Jake Winfield (above) “loves to learn” and achieved seven Grade 8s and three Grade 9s.

(Left to right: Lottie Conduit, Sara Szymonczyk, Ella Usher and Nikola Krastina)

Sara (above) has been fantastically hard working throughout her GCSE years. She achieved four Grade 9s, five Grade 8s, and one Grade 6. Sara is continuing her studies at The Long Eaton Sixth Form.

Lees Brook Academy

Principal, Clare Watson, said: “We were delighted today to celebrate the fantastic achievements of the students of Lees Brook Academy. Following their disrupted educational journey, we could not be prouder of the work, effort, resilience and attitude of all of our Year 11 students and today all their hard work finally paid off. We wish them all the best for the future and remind them, they will always be #TEAMLeesBrook”.

Zaituni Irakoze

Zaituni achieved fantastic top grades including Grade 9 in English Language and English Literature. She is going to college to complete A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and psychology. Zaituni said: “Getting the results was a shocking experience. I didn’t expect this in Year 8 or 9. Miss Meakin reached out and supported me and I am so thankful to all the staff at less Brook, they have been amazing!”

Tom Key

Tom achieved three Grade 9s, four Grade 8s, and 1 Grade 7. He is going to Bilborough College to study Geography, History, and Psychology. Tom said that Lees Brook is “an amazing school and in my opinion…the best in the UK! My Head of Year (Mr Taylor) has been so supportive. I have had a great experience here”

Noor Mohamed

Noor achieved one Grade 9, two Grade 8s, five Grade 7s, and one Grade 6. She has hopes of being an architect and is going to Bilborough College to study A-Level Maths, Physics, Art and Geography. Noor said she had “great support settling into Lees Brook” when she joined Lees Brook Academy from Saudi Arabia in 2021.

Bluecoat Aspley Academy

“We are extremely proud of all of our students who have received wonderful results. Their motivation, determination and resilience has been inspirational during this very unsettled time. Our attainment figures have improved significantly from the last series of examinations in 2019. I would like to thank all of our students for all of their hard work and I’m sure they would all like to thank their teachers who both supported and challenged them along the way, as well as the support from their family members. Thank you all! Whilst these results don’t define our students, they will certainly help them along their way to their next stage of learning and beyond! These results emphasise how talented and wonderful our students are. Well done Team Aspley and to all of our Aspley family!”

Sumayyah Munir

Sumayyah achieved four Grade 9s, three Grade 8s and four Grade 7s. Sumayyah hasn’t decided where she’s going next yet but she plans to do the following A-Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science (and possibly Psychology and Criminology). She’s considering a career in Computer Science.

Mateen Hafeez

Mateen, Head Boy, achieved seven Grade 8s, four Grade 7s, and one Grade 6. He is continuing his studies at Bluecoat Sixth Form to study Geography, Physics and Maths A-Level. He has plans to become an Aerospace Engineer! Mateen said: “I am very happy about my results. After a long 5 years of hard work, I will be able to progress in my chosen career”.

Kiera Cumberpatch

Kiera attached four Grade 6s, three Grade 7s, one Grade 8, and two Grade 9s. She said the revision was “worth it” as she looks forward to studying A-Level Chemistry, Psychology, and Maths. Kiera would like to become a pharmacist.

The Nottingham Emmanuel School

Did you hear students from The Nottingham Emmanuel School on BBC Radio Nottingham?

Principal, Sandra Stapleton, said: “The NES community is delighted to celebrate the achievement of our Year 11 students.   Throughout the pandemic this year group has overcome adversity and huge obstacles to achieve the results they pick up today.  Staff and students have shown resilience and perseverance and have remained focussed even when they have had to work remotely.  The whole NES community (including students, parents, teachers and support staff) have worked together to remove barriers to learning and provide excellent teaching alongside outstanding pastoral care.  We hope that the grades students receive today will have a positive impact on their life chances and enable them to continue their studies or take up apprenticeships.”

(Left to right: Mr Marsh, James Ward, Charlotte Blatherwick, Jessica Hodgson-Mensah, Oliver Hayes)

Charlotte, pictured above, achieved: Biology – 9, Chemistry – 9, English Literature – 9, English Language – 9, Geography – 9, History – 9, Maths – 9, Religious Studies – 9, Further Maths – 8, Physics – 8 and Media – L2 Distinction*. Her attitude to learning is always excellent; this coupled with her determination to achieve has led to her outstanding GCSE results. Personally, Charlotte has had a challenging couple of years including the loss of a close family member during the exam window.

Oliver, pictured above, achieved: Computer Science – 8, Biology – 7, Chemistry – 7, Physics – 7, Product Design – 6, English Language – 6, Maths – 6, Religious Studies 6, English Literature – 5 and Media L2 Distinction. Oliver was placed on a ventilator in an induced coma in December 2022 having contracted COVID-19. He has continued to suffer symptoms of Long Covid throughout Year 10 and 11 leading up to his final summer examinations. Oliver has always stayed positive and motivated throughout this challenging time. He is continuing his studies at The Nottingham Emmanuel Sixth Form to study English Literature, Media, and IT.

Bluecoat Beechdale Academy

A special mention goes to Sekou Camara. Sekou is originally from Ghana with his first language being French and arrived in England in 2016. Six years later, he is Bluecoat Beechdale’s most improved student after achieving Business Level 2 – Pass, Computer Science – 3, English Language – 4, English Literature – 6, French – 7, Geography – 5, Maths – 4, Science – 4/3, and Sport Level 2 – Pass.

Congratulations to top attainer, Kira Clemens, for achieving an incredible set of GCSE results: Business Level 2 – Distinction, Computer Science – 9, English Language – 8, English Literature – 9, History 7, Science 8 and 8, Maths – 7, History – 7, and Sport Level 2 – Merit. She has aspirations of working in the media!

Bluecoat Wollaton Academy


“We are immensely proud, as ever, of the achievements of all our students at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy. For some students this means incredible Grades 7s, 8s and 9s, and for other students this is putting in huge effort; overcoming personal obstacles to get grades that enable them to go on to further education. We know how hard our students have worked over the last three years, despite the significant challenges, to achieve these outstanding results.”

Daanish Ajaz

Daanish achieved the following set of incredible GCSE results: Geography – 9, Maths – 9, Further Maths – 9, English Language – 8, English Literature – 7, Religious Education – 9, Creative Media – D*, Biology – 9, Chemistry – 9, Physics – 9, and Sociology – 9.

Grace Baffoh-Botchway 

Grace is continuing her studies at our Bluecoat Sixth Form after achieving great success at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy. Grace achieved the following set of GCSE results: Geography – 8, Maths – 8, Further Maths – 8, English Language – 9, English Literature – 7, French 9, Religious Education – 9, Biology – 9, Chemistry – 9, and Physics – 9.  Grace has ambitions of becoming a doctor!

Moaz Bilal

Head Boy, Moaz, achieved the following set of GCSE results: Geography – 9, History – 7, Maths – 8, Further Maths – 8, French – 7, English Language – 6, English Literature – 7, Religious Education – 8, Biology – 9, Chemistry – 9, and Physics – 9. He has shown huge progress and maturity over the last 5 years and has transformed into an incredible young man. Mozal has ambitions to be a surgeon!

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