Archway Learning Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust. We are here to improve and sustain standards in our schools.  Effective governance is critical to our success and to the success of our schools.

The purpose of governance is to provide confident and strong strategic leadership, which leads to robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.

The governance framework must also ensure that the Trust and its academies comply with statutory and contractual requirements, and effectively undertake certain key duties such as safeguarding, inclusion, special educational needs and disability (SEND), and monitoring and oversight of the impact of pupil premium and other targeted funding.

In multi academy trusts like Archway, the Board of Trustees is accountable in law for all decisions about its academies. The Board must reserve certain decisions to itself; however, many other decisions can and should be delegated to others. The Board will for example delegate the day-to-day operational/executive management of the Trust to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who will in turn delegate some decisions to other members of the Executive Leadership Team or academy Principals / Headteachers.

The Board delegates some other decisions and functions to Board sub committees to allow more time to be spent on specific areas and activities by those with the specialist skills and experience: the Audit and Risk Committee, Finance & General Purposes Committee; the Curriculum and Standards Committee; the Policy Committee; the Remuneration Committee and the Academy Advisory Boards (AAB) at each Academy all have delegated powers and responsibilities as cited in the Scheme of Delegation.

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