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Phil Rowson, Principal Bluecoat Wollaton Academy

Rachael Frearson, Principal Bluecoat Beechdale Academy

Jacob Gamble, Mobile IT Technician:

Back in 2013, I started as a casual technician, diving into the tech scene with enthusiasm. Those early days at Nottingham Emmanuel School laid the foundation for what would become an incredible journey. Fast forward five years, and I found myself deep in the world of apprenticeship. The challenges were real, but so were the victories. I embraced the learning curve, honing my skills and soaking up everything tech-related like a sponge. Finally, the moment arrived when I qualified and aced my MTA. That marked the transition to becoming a full-fledged technician. The feeling of accomplishment was unreal, and I was ready to take on whatever the tech world threw at me. This year brought another exciting chapter—I stepped into the role of Mobile Technician. Now, I’m the go-to person, hopping between all the sites within the trust, making sure our tech game is strong everywhere. It’s been a blast helping out and being the tech superhero the team needs. Looking back, it’s incredible to see the evolution from a casual techie to a Mobile Technician. Archway Learning Trust has been more than a workplace; it’s been a platform for growth, learning, and embracing new challenges. Here’s to a decade of tech adventures and to the awesome team that makes it all worthwhile!

Alison Frost, Site Manager, Bluecoat Aspley Academy:

Since joining the Trust in 2004 I have covered several positions and always been very supported and enjoyed my roles. I am really enjoying my current position , it’s very busy and no two days are the same – some are challenging but that’s what I thrive on and enjoy. Since I have been at the academy it has expanded and achieved so much for staff and students. We are the biggest site within the trust and I am holding two schools on my campus as Bluecoat Trent Academy are based here whilst their new school is being built which is going to be fabulous!

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