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Bluecoat SCITT Alliance successful in re-accreditation bid

In July 2021 an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) market review was released detailing that all ITT providers would need to be re-accredited for continued practice in 2024, under a new ITT criteria and quality framework.
We’re pleased to announce that Bluecoat SCITT Alliance was successful in their re-accreditation bid! Only 80 of the 216 providers were successful in the first round of applications.
The feedback paid particular attention to the high-quality mentoring used to develop trainee expertise:
“The mentor curriculum is strongly aligned to both the core content framework and the trainee curriculum, with mentor training courses running deliberately in parallel to the trainee curriculum. There is also a focus on key mentoring skills, e.g. holding difficult conversations. The role of lead mentors and expected expertise they must have are clearly described.”
The accreditation award means that Bluecoat SCITT Alliance is able to continue to sustain the teaching workforce, not only within Archway Learning Trust, but also in the wider community.
We are happy to see a growing alumni of Bluecoat SCITT trainees within the Trust, many in promoted posts, and others now being re-invested back into the SCITT team as mentors and subject leads.
Bluecoat SCITT Alliance has welcomed former Trust students, teaching assistants, technicians and a wide range of other career changers, as well as undergraduates, who want to upskill and progress into teaching. The scope of possibilities for a teaching career is limitless!

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